So You Want to Take Back Your Privacy

Written January 22, 2019

Many of you may not be aware of this That One Privacy Site’s origin.  For those who aren’t: a few years ago I got serious about my privacy and while moving away from proprietary software and services, I started moving towards using FOSS ones (VPNs being a large and trouble-infested corner of this realm).  Through my own search for answers where privacy was concerned, I did a lot of research, specifically in the realm of VPNs.  I decided to share my results to help others, and what resulted was the start of a snowball.

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OpenVPN 2.4 Audit Fundraising

Written Nov 21, 2016

Free (as in freedom) and open source software projects are one of the modern keystones of our privacy. The reason being lies in such projects’ transparent and verifiable nature.  Software projects that open themselves up allow users and security firms to perform audits and reviews of the source code and algorithms used.  In this way, vital transparency is provided which helps these projects stay as accountable (and untampered with by outside forces) as possible.

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Why are VPN’s truly important? Hint: it doesn’t have to do with Netflix

Written Jul 1, 2016

Earlier today, I posted the story of how a certain VPN company created a fake testimonial.  In the post, I talk about how I pressed TotalVPN’s support rep for more information regarding the testimonial’s origins – but there was a deeper purpose.  I got one reply on Reddit that inspired me to write this post (and some of what I’ll say it repeated there).  The user explained that I was too hard on the support rep and that my chat session was unproductive.  They were missing the bigger picture.

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That One Privacy Guy’s VPN Reviews

Written May 29, 2016

Those of you who have read my site, know that I’m not fond of most VPN affiliates or their “native advertising” (ie: Usually advertising thinly disguised as content).  These sites typically have a slew of “reviews” along with features titled, “Top 10 best VPNs!”, “Top 10 fastest VPNs!”, etc.  Typically, their sites require little effort by their creators and almost never contain content beyond echoing official marketing and some anecdotal evidence of using the service.  Most people in the research phase of their purchase don’t know better.  After all, if the first 10 pages of a Google search return nothing but sites that echo the same shillery, who are they to argue?

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Opera’s baked in VPN is NOT a good solution for your privacy!

Written May 27, 2016

The news recently dropped that Opera will begin bundling a VPN into the beta version of their browser. This was met with cheers and positive articles from many tech blogs and subs all over Reddit. I’ve been trying to leave comments to provide this information, but figured it might be easier to put it all in a thread.

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The story of how a certain VPN company tried bribing me.

Written May 24, 2016

Note: This was originally posted on reddit, but is now being posted on my site.

Early on, my VPN Comparison project had evoked reactions of admiration from some, and anywhere between annoyance and vitriol from others. The latter usually took the form of companies on the list who didn’t like that I made evident certain policies or who noticed that they don’t compare favorably. For the last couple of months, every now and again, I’ll get messaged by some throwaway account with vague threats or angry rambling trying to discredit me. This has made me extra cautious as I check messages – anyone could be sending anything and (as you are probably already aware people are often not who they claim to be online).

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