OpenVPN 2.4 Audit Fundraising

Written Nov 21, 2016

Free (as in freedom) and open source software projects are one of the modern keystones of our privacy. The reason being lies in such projects’ transparent and verifiable nature.  Software projects that open themselves up allow users and security firms to perform audits and reviews of the source code and algorithms used.  In this way, vital transparency is provided which helps these projects stay as accountable (and untampered with by outside forces) as possible.

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[PSA] If you’re using OpenVPN or another dedicated VPN app on Android 6.0+, disable the doze feature for that app to help keep the connection stable.

Written May 27, 2016

I’ve been experimenting with several different VPNs over the last few months and after seeing some sporadic connections overnight and periods that my phone sits for a while, I think I narrowed part of the issue to the doze feature killing it. In case you’re having the same issue, you might try this yourself.

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